Training Sessions

Training Sessions

On the 6th of May (the day before the conference) we’ll have two training sessions.

The morning session will be about MongoDB and it will be held by Mike Dirolf from 10gen.

The afternoon session will be about Rails Internals (advanced) and it will be held by Yehuda Katz and Carl Lerche from Engine Yard.

You can purchase your seat from Amiando. Both sessions will take place at the A21 Cocktail Lounge. Each session will take approximately 4 hours and you can attend both. More information about the sessions will be added soon.

Coffee Talks

About the Coffee Talks

For Frozen Rails we’ve come up with a new variation on the traditional lightning talks — Coffee Talks. Coffee Talks are 5-10 minutes long just like lightning talks, but they are held during the coffee breaks.

This means that the presenter’s topic must be captivating enough to stop their audience from concentrating fully on their steaming coffee and delicious snacks.

Proposals and voting was open until the 24th of March. Voting has now closed

Coffee Talks

Raimonds Simanovskis (@rsim) [21 votes]

Oracle database is another opportunity for Ruby in the enterprise. Build Rails on Oracle applications and reuse legacy stored procedures.

Stephen Sykes (@sdsykes) [18 votes]

Want better DB performance without sacrificing the clarity & simplicity of your application? The slim_scrooge gem can help, I'll explain how

Matti Paksula (@mattipaksula) [14 votes]

Persisting objects in Redis key-value database with schemaless ActiveRecord like approach.

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